Muscular appearance. His flight muscles are especially well distincted. <img style="float:left;" src="ressources/auge_s.png"> Big eyes of a predator, directed
forward. Its iris’ color is light-green
with a few darker streaks.
The eyeball is white and some of it is visible.
The black markings around the eyes
form an additional eye-like shape
with one streak going halfway to the
ears making him look like wearing
a mask. <img style="float:left;" src="ressources/collar_s.png"> No earrings or piercings!
He only wears a simple black leather collar with a
silver ring on it. This was a present from his mate to show the belonging.
He rarely wears a silver Thor’s Hammer on a leather
string instead of his collar. On the back side of his legs, the fur is white, fluffy and longer than on the rest of the leg. On the back side of his legs, the fur is white, fluffy and longer than on the rest of the leg. <img style="float:left;" src="ressources/fuss_s.png"> Wolf-like paws with toes that are able to spread a bit. 
He has got a usable thumb on the front paws. 
The paw pads are dark blue, thick, leathery with a rough structure
enabling Mjoellnir to walk on ice and snow easily. Wolf-like hindpaws with dewclaws. <img style="float:left;" src="ressources/tailfan_s.png"> Sexy Tailfeathers are here. :> <br /> The tailfan consists of 12 sturdy rectrices. They all have a white and blue banding and black tips. The smaller ones have a black border on the outer sides. On the ventral side the banding is not as colorful as on the dorsal side. The ventral color is comparable to the color of the inner wings. Very bushy tail covered by very long fur, longer than the tail of a wolf. Blue on dorsal, white on ventral side. <img style="float:left;" src="ressources/wing_s.png"> The flight silhuette is similar to an eagle. 
The primaries form a hand-like shape, the very
first primary is the shortest.
The upper side of the wings are colored in two
different medium blue tones. The lower side
has a slightly blueish white tone. Mjoellnir’s penis is pretty much like one of a "normal" wolf. It has got a knot at the basis and is completely hidden inside a shaeth while not erect. 
His shaeth and balls are covered by white, fluffy and soft fur. It is not as long as the ventral fur.
His penis has sort of light rose color, almost the same as his tongue. <img style="float:left;" src="ressources/head_s.png"> The bent beak is blue from the outside
with a sharp tip and shorter than an eagle beak. The inside is grey while the
tongue and throat are soft rose. Generally, his ears are
put back or casually stand off his head. If alerted he
turns them in the direction where the sound came from.
If threatened he puts them back, very close to the head, so they are almost not visible.
His "standard" expression is a quite grumpy look, like most of the birds of prey have.
1,5m height
2,0m height (to head)
9,0m total Wingspan
3,0m lenght
Mated to Akulatraxas

Mjoellnir is a feral wolfgryph. His body is mostly wolf-like except head and neck which are avian. Neck, head, pinions and venter are white. Dorsal side is medium blue. He has got a muscular appearence with very well distincted flight muscles. His tail consists of a wolf-like tail and a bird-like tailfan. The tail is covered by long fur. The tailfan is made of long, sturdy rectrices. On the back side of his legs the fur is more fluffy and white. He is able to control his feathers: If he feels comfortable he fluffs the feathers up and rustles with them, if he is in flight, he puts them tight to the body.

Mjoellnir is a calm gryphon. He is friendly though he usually has the grumpy look. He can be very short tempered by times but all in all makes friends easily, if he likes the person/creature and doesn't get irritated too much by them. There are times his mood changes rapidly from very good to very bad. In such times he may say things he doesn't mean the way they come out which may cause him to feel bad about it.

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